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South Tirol means German-Italian culture, Mediterranean flair, the Dolomites close by, hiking, swimming, skiing… The list could continue for ever, but you know all this already! South Tirol is of its nature one of the most beautiful regions in the world. However, if you’re looking for an authentic venue to experience “Törggelen”, the most beautiful wine-growing estate for high-quality wine tasting, the best snow, the most beautiful place to enjoy your aperitif or the most on-trend gallery, don’t consult your travel guide – ask us at Magda. At the Magdalener Hof, we value what makes a place special, and will be happy to share our insider tips with our friends.

Walk &run aroundBozen

While walking or running along the Oswaldpromenade, you can discover the Mediterranean vegetation of South Tirol in all its glory: the regional vines hanging with fruit, majestic mountains and lush meadows in the valleys – and all with a breathtaking view over the city. It’s worth taking the time to enjoy the region from this perspective, too, on the well-signposted paths.


Do you like the thought of an elegant aperitif on the Waltherplatz square? Then you’ll love these places: FISCHBÄNKE, FRANZ BAR, CAFÉ MUSEION, NADAMAS, PIMS, BANCO 11.

Music &festivals

Bolzano is an interesting cultural bridge that combines Mediterranean and northern European culture. The Bolzano Film Days festival, which takes place every year in March, presents upcoming international film directors. During the spring and summer, the city wakes up in its calm, orderly way to welcome music and culture fans with a diverse programme of events at the most beautiful and fascinating locations in Bolzano and the surrounding area.

In May, the Busk Festival begins, which turns the city into a large stage with songwriters and musicians, followed in June by the Jazz Festival and “Bolzano dances”, where the public is invited to watch and take part in a wide range of different workshops. In July and August, the Bolzano Festival opens a window onto classical music and internationally well-known musicians.

The Transart festival in September presents the latest trends in the music and clubbing scene. With the best DJs in the world, the festival breathes life into industrial and historic locations in the city, and offers an unusual opportunity for getting to  know the city from a different perspective.

Noi techpark

Do you want to find out more about “Ötzi’s” past? Then take a look at the future of South Tirol: NOI – Nature  of Innovation. An incubator for start-ups, workspaces and laboratories, culinary and cultural offerings. On the site of the former aluminium factory in South Bolzano, the NOI Techpark offers space for working and living.

Where the grassis green and the girlsare pretty

Have you fallen in love with the view onto the rose garden? Then you’ll adore the view onto the Langkofel Mountain..

Culture or Nature? City
or countryside? Of
course both. Events
and tips in Bolzano and

Lago di Carezza

Lago di Braies

Magic spots

Do you enjoy swimming in the Kalterer See lake? Then you’ll love the Pragser Wildsee – and after a visit to the Völser Weiher pool, you’ll never want to swim or hike anywhere else.

Are you impressed by the architecture of the Museion? Then pay a visit to the Messner Mountain Museum.

Museion – Contemporary
Art Museum

The Messner Mountain Museum Corones
designed by Zaha Hadid

Art exhibitions & Culture

Do you enjoy cultivated conversation? Then you’ll like the cultural offerings in Bolzano.

– if you know where to go.

Museion, Gallerie ar/ge Kunst, galleria Prisma, Galleria Alessandro Casciaro art gallery, Galleria Civica, Galleria Foto-forum.Teatro comunale, Teatro Carambolage.Filmclub

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