Push up cool down

Integrity running machine, ellipse crosstrainer, Rower XK trainer, LifeCycle GX bike, leg press, chest press, lat machine, pectoral fly, leg extension, crossfit station, barbells from 4 to 30 kg, medical and gymnastics balls –  our equipment leaves no area untrained.

The right Equipment

Running machine:

Integrity running machines are ideal for anyone who prefers a slim design and an intuitive console with additional workouts, or who simply wants to get on and start training.

Ellipse crosstrainer:

The ellipse crosstrainer from the Integrity series is designed to offer a large number of different users a natural-style movement sequence. Step on and start training. Training for the mind and soul.

Row GX trainer:

This rowing machine is the perfect choice for alternative all-round, all-body training.

LifeCycle GX bike:

An ideal training alternative, even when it’s not raining. Get on and pedal off.


For your perfect upper thigh training


For the chest muscles and an attractive upper body


Yoga for all

From 1 May every Thursday morning

For calmer sports fans, warriors and dancers, we offer a weekly yoga course instead – on request also as private lessons with our trusted yoga teacher. Get in balance – and stay there.

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